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Union Cooperative
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Travail (1920)
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The database behind Cinema Belgica is the result of the integration of a series of separate datasets, which were often built in the context of academic research. For an overview and the history behind the Cinema Belgica database, see https://www.cinemabelgica.be/s/cinemabelgica/page/datasets-and-partners.

If you reuse this database, please include our identifiers with the full URI, thus attributing the data to the source. If you publish about this database, you can reference this database as follows:

Daniël Biltereyst, e.a. "Cinema Belgica: Database for Belgian Film History," https://www.cinemabelgica.be, consulted on 2023-10-02, https://data.cinemabelgica.be/company/1405.
Biltereyst, Daniël, Philippe Meers, Dries Moreels, Julia Noordegraaf en Christophe Verbruggen. "Cinema Belgica: Database for Belgian Film History." https://www.cinemabelgica.be. Consulted on 2023-10-02.